Till MacIvor Meyn

Composer ∞ Musician

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Urban Ragas was composed for Kathryn Thomas Umble and the Dana Flute Quartet. The piece is reminiscent of ragas, the scales and modes of Indian music. Although the melodic lines evoke traditional Indian music, they were composed to reflect the spirit of Indian scales through a modern lens, conveying a sense of urgency. The melodies interact contrapuntally, creating a contemporary mood not found in the music it was inspired by. Certain hauntingly familiar strains of Indian melodic style do begin to surface toward the middle of the work, but are eventually suppressed by incessant contrapuntal lines. Urban Ragas is carried through on the same pulsing rhythm that introduces the piece, but ultimately the melodies lead to a higher place, bringing it to a triumphant close.

sample score

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