Till MacIvor Meyn

Composer ∞ Musician

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Christmas Reveries (2018)
baritone (tenor), piano

Shine This Night (2018)
SATB a cappella

Laudate in Lumine (2017)
SATB a cappella (Christmas)

Stampede! (2017)
baritone (tenor), piano

You Never Know (2017)
full-length musical

More Than Love (2016)
SSAATTBB a capella, soprano solo

Auld Lang Syne (2015)
SATB a cappella

Scotia Songs (2014)
SATB, vibraphone, marimba, 2 percussion
• The Lily and the Rose
• Kelvin Grove
• Loch Lomond
• My Heart's in the Highlands

With Pipes of Tin and Wood (2012)
SATB, organ

The Lord to Me a Shepherd is (2011)
SATB, organ

Salut au monde! (2010)
SATB a cappella

Jubilate Deo
SATB, organ, brass, timpani (2008)
SATB, organ (2008)
soprano, baritone, organ (2007)

The City in the Sea (2004)
SATB a cappella

The City in the Sea (2004)
TTBB a cappella

Nothing Lasts (2004)
baritone, piano



Midnight Reveries (2018)
violin, viola

With Pipes of Tin and Wood (2018)
flute, organ

Chronokinetic (2017)
trombone choir and solo trombone

Nordic Spirits (2017)
flute choir

ATEM (2017)
electronic, to accompany modern dance

Christmas Together (2016)
wind quintet

Big Kahuna (2016)
solo flute

Press Play (2015)
bassoon, string quartet

Energy Sonata (2015)
violin, piano

Open Road (2014)
trumpet, trombone, piano

Force of Nature (2013)
flute, piano

Piano Suite (1997, rev. 2013)

Tango Royale (2012)
clarinet quartet

Revolutions (2012)
cello, piano

Wall of Babel (2012)
alto saxophone, piano, percussion

Brilliant Blue (2011)
alto saxophone, piano

Urban Ragas (2011)
flute quartet

Vita Brevis (2011)
clarinet, double bass, piano

Song of Four Seasons
piano trio (2010)
piano quintet (2009)

Urban Ragas (2009)
cello ensemble

Celestial Mechanics (2009)
viola, piano

Orion (2008)
clarinet, viola, piano

Red/Blue (2008)
clarinet, piano

Prelude and Fugue for H.Z. (2007)

This is my Tuba (2006)
tuba, electronics

Quantum Jitters (2005)
alto saxophone

Preludio Y Tango (2005)
flute ensemble

Dominant Curve (2004)
alto saxophone, violin, piano

YSU Theme Music (2003)

Two Essays for Cello (2001)

String Quartet (1999)
string quartet

Spires (1998)
alto saxophone, violin, cello, harp, percussion

Undertones (1995)
viola, tape

Duo for Flute and Clarinet (1994)
flute, clarinet



Spirit Dances (2018)
concert band, grade 2.5

The Lion and the Mouse (2016)
orchestra, narrator

Three Fables (2016)
orchestra, narrator

Christmas Together (2016)
orchestra, two-part children's choir

Star Spangled Banner (arr.) (2015)

Spectral Fanfare (2015)
large brass ensemble, 3 percussion

Midnight Incantations (2013)
percussion ensemble

Tango Royale (2013)
orchestra, 3 percussion

Icon Concerto (2013)
alto saxophone and concert band

Victorious! (2012)
concert band

Phoenix (2010)
concert band

Zzzzing! (2009)
percussion ensemble

Groovelocity (2006)
percussion trio

Anthem (2003)
concert band

YSU Theme Music (2003)
concert band

Visions (2002)
concerto for piano, concert band

Tuxedo! (2002)
concert band