Till MacIvor Meyn

Composer ∞ Musician

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My summer travels take me to Perdido Bay: ZZZZing! embodies the thrill of fishing off the coast of Florida and Alabama in the Gulf of Mexico. The composition tells the tale of running out in a thirty-foot boat, waiting for the fish, the struggles of the catch, and the ride back home across the water. ZZZZing! was written for Brian West and the TCU Percussion Ensemble.

Xylophone, Glockenspiel, Chimes
Vibraphone 1
Vibraphone 2
Timpani (4)
Marimba 1 (4 octaves)
Marimba 2 (4 octaves)
Marimba 3 (4 octaves)
Marimba 4 (4.3 octaves)
Percussion 1: 4 Concert Toms, 2 Cowbells, 2 Suspended Cymbals, 2 Snare Drums, Bongos, Temple Blocks
Percussion 2: 3 Tin Cans, 4 Concert Toms, 1 Conga, Hi-Hat, 2 Snare Drums, Mark Tree
Percussion 3: Claves, 2 Splash Cymbals, 2 Brake Drums (shared), 5 Terra Cotta Pots, Slit Drum, Mounted Tambourine
Percussion 4: Medium Bass Drum, 2 Brake Drams (shared), 2 Triangles, 2 Tam-Tams, Egg Shaker

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